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  • Lower monthly payments Write off unaffordable debt Scottish legislation

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  • Complete creditor protection Stop creditor hassle - Scottish legislation

  • Pay what you can afford Typically over 48* months

  • £5000 minimum debt level Depending on individual circumstances

  • Lower monthly payment Depending on individual circumstances

Old Monthly Payments


New 48 Monthly Payments


Total Repaid £8400 Debt Written Off

  • Personal Loan £12,000
  • Credit Card £6,000
  • Store Cards £1,600
  • Council Tax £1,200
  • Total Debt £20,800

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the trust deed payment calculated?

You are given a reasonable allowance, in order to cover the monthly necessities and then your contribution is based on the disposable income remaining. Most people are much more comfortable once they enter a trust deed as they will be making one affordable monthly payment instead of higher, separate payments to their creditors. Try the Trust Deed Wizard for an indication of how much you could expect to pay monthly in your trust deed.

Who can do a Trust Deed?

Scottish residents with £5000 or more unsecured debt may be eligible for a Trust Deed.

I am a homeowner, do I still qualify?

You can qualify as a homeowner, private tenant, council tenant or if you live with your parents. If you own your home, your advisor will explain the process of protecting your house during the initial assessment. Try the Trust Deed Wizard to find out how a trust deed could help you get on top of your finances.

Will my creditors agree to a trust deed?

Over 98% of trust deed proposals are accepted. If a creditor wanted to object, it would do so in writing within five weeks of your trust deed being proposed. Even then, it would only fail if that creditor represented over 33% in the total debt value or over one half in number. If the creditors to the value of 67% of the total debt agree to the proposal, then the other creditors will still be legally bound by its terms, even if they object. In the unlikely even your trust deed did fail, the trustee would negotiate your case in an attempt to have it accepted and you will also be advised on other Scottish debt solutions such as the Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS) and sequestration.

How do I set up a trust deed?

Put your details on the website or call in to the office and arrange a free meeting with one of our qualified debt advisors. They will talk you through your options and help you make an informed decision on the debt solution best for your needs. Your advisor will provide you with a checklist of any additional information required and once we receive it we can begin drafting your case. Your advisor will arrange a meeting with you to finalise the paperwork, return any original documents you gave to us and answer any final questions.

Your adviser will also help you set up your first trust deed payment at this stage and then you can stop any current payments to your creditors. Try the Trust Deed Wizard to see how a trust deed could help you become debt free.

Will my credit rating be affected if I enter a trust deed?

Yes, your credit rating will be affected but remember it will already have been negatively affected if you have missed any payments to your creditors. Once your trust deed term has finished, you are free to rebuild your credit rating.

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